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you ROCK like SEX.

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THEME for the week. [Oct. 8th, 2004|10:45 am]
you ROCK like SEX.
[that feeling is |bouncybouncy]
[moaning I hear |Matchbox Twenty - Unwell]

This weeks theme is fetishes and obsessions.
Post talking about your fetishes and obsessions, you can include pictures or whatever the hell you want with it but we want to know what fetishes and obessions you've got.

I'll give you mine for examples: I like guys with long hair, biting and being biten, spanking, handcuffs, some bondage, David Bowie, feminine men and bisexual men, bikers/gothic/punk guys, licking all over, belly buttons, etc. You get the point.

Everyone needs to vote on the newest application. Love you pretties! [/erica]